AMSL - Affective Mentor for Self-Regulated Learning

Self-Regulated Learning is an essential skill for academic success.

Student's ability to plan and organize their learning progress is important for academic success; yet, not all students are equally capable to employ these skills. The COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards hybrid and online learning have put additional stress on students and the need to organize the learning process. One way for students to cope with these challenges is self-regulating their learning. When learners engage in self-regulated learning, they “orient on the task at hand, plan and implement their actions, monitor and evaluate their choice of strategies, and remedy ineffective strategies”. Improving self-regulated learning skills has a positive effect on learning results and academic success. And this is where AMSL comes in. 

AMSL - a chatbot to assist students in 'learning how to learn'.

In this project, our research group will design a chatbot called AMSL (Affective Mentor for Self-Regulated Learning) to assist students of the KIT Department of Economics & Management in fostering their self-regulated learning skills. Besides self-regulated learning, AMSL assists students in improving their emotion regulation skills, dealing with test anxiety and overcoming procrastination. With AMSL, we hope to mitigate the negative consequences of COVID-19 on the lives of students and support their studies.

We will release AMSL in the winter term 2022.

We started the project in the spring 2022 and hope to release the first version of our AMSL app with the beginning of the winter term 2022/2023. The app will be available through the Google Play Store and the App Store. Students will be able to register with their KIT student account.