Sven Scheu, M. Sc.

  • Office Hours: by appointment
  • Room: 4C-02
    CS 05.20
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM)
    Kaiserstraße 89
    76133 Karlsruhe



Designing AMSL – A Mobile Digital Assistant for Self-Regulated Learning
Scheu, S.; Kuhlmeier, F. O.; Müller, L. N.; Benke, I.
2023. ECIS 2023 Proceedings, AIS eLibrary (AISeL)
Digital Assistants for Self-Regulated Learning: Towards a State- Of-The-Art Overview
Scheu, S.; Benke, I.
2022. Thirtieth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2022), Timișoara, Romania, Paper Number: 1787, AIS eLibrary (AISeL)
The results of biodiversity–ecosystem functioning experiments are realistic
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2020. Nature ecology & evolution, 4, 1485–1494. doi:10.1038/s41559-020-1280-9
Designing an Analytical Information Systems Engineering Method
Michalczyk, S.; Scheu, S.
2020. Proceedings of the 28th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), An Online AIS Conference (Marrakesh, Marokko), June 15-17, 2020, Art.Nr. 57, AIS eLibrary (AISeL)
Biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning in a 15-year grassland experiment: Patterns, mechanisms, and open questions
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Root chemistry and soil fauna, but not soil abiotic conditions explain the effects of plant diversity on root decomposition
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2017. Oecologia, 185 (3), 499–511. doi:10.1007/s00442-017-3962-9
Mechanisms behind plant diversity effects on inorganic and organic N leaching from temperate grassland
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Effects of biodiversity strengthen over time as ecosystem functioning declines at low and increases at high biodiversity
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Plant diversity shapes microbe-rhizosphere effects on P mobilisation from organic matter in soil
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Flooding disturbances increase resource availability and productivity but reduce stability in diverse plant communities
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2015. Nature Communications, 6, 6092. doi:10.1038/ncomms7092

Research Interests

  • Digital Assitants in learning
  • Emotion and Affect aware systems
  • Natural language interfaces

Short CV

Since 2019 Research Assistant at the Institute of Informations Systems and Marketing (IISM) at KIT
2016 - 2019 Developer and Scrum Master at SAP SE
2016 M. Sc. Information Engineering and Management



Community Work

  • Reviewer WI 2019, DB&IS 2020, CONVERSATIONS 2021, ECIS 2022