Artificial Intelligence & Biosignal Sensor Technologies

We leverage artificial intelligence and biosignal sensor technologies and follow a socio-technical research paradigm for human productivity and well-being. We consider these technologies as foundational cross-technologies that are leveraged in our specific research topics. 

Specifically, we use machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques for next-generation human-centered systems.  In the research topic "Interactive BI&A systems" we enable users to access the potential of analytics and ML techniques through self-services, guidance, and natural language interfaces (NLIs). We use ML and NLP techniques to design AI-based processes for work & life. Finally, in the topic "human-in-the-loop design", we design methods and tools for human-centered systems improving research and development processes and outcomes using ML techniques. 

Furthermore, in combination with AI technologies we use electrical, optical and acoustic biosignal sensor technologies to capture and analyze heart activity, eye movement, and speech from humans. Specifically, we combine AI and biosignal sensor technologies in the two research topics of "Emotion-adaptive Systems for Hybrid Work & Learning" and "Eye-based Interactive Systems".