Participate now! Study on new app ParKing

  • Date: 08.02.2017
  • Please note: ParKing is available in German only at the moment

    Since January 20th and still until March 30th, 2017 the field study on the new app ParKing is running which was developed by our research team member Benedikt Morschheuser and his team.

    What is ParKing?

    ParKing is an app that provides users information about parking spaces and corresponding conditions. ParKing gives information about streets in which parking is for free, where restrictions exist and where it is not allowed to park at all. All this information is collected by the app users and shared within the community. The long-term objective is to collectively build up the most extensive parking space map of Germany.

    However, ParKing isn't simply an app for finding parking spaces but also a game. For sharing information with the community you receive virtual ParKing coins. Based on the popular board game Monopoly, the users can invest these coins in streets and buildings and with this virtually conquer entire areas. This amongst other elements makes ParKing a game that turns a walk through the streets into an extraordinary adventure.